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Decision-Making today builds on research showing that decisions fail half of the time. In business, the top casualties of a poor decision-making process are reputation, long-term growth, employee morale, productivity, revenue and profitability. Our goal is to promote more effective, ethical decision making.

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Take Responsibility

Aug 22 2013

ResponsibilityTake responsibility because time magnifies decisions. Good decisions look even better over time while bad decisions look much worse.

One of the most glaring examples facing us today is the example of the White House, State Department and U.N. Ambassador blaming the deaths in Benghazi on a Youtube video that very few people actually saw. The more we the people learn about what actually transpired, the worse that decision about blaming the film looks. That decision will haunt the Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice the rest of their political careers.

When bad things happen, it is best to quickly respond like the makers of Tylenol did in 1982 when 7 people died from taking extra strength Tylenol. They responded immediately pulling all of their product off the shelf. Even tho the company was not responsible for the problem, they took responsibility for making certain that no further harm was done.

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