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Decision-Making today builds on research showing that decisions fail half of the time. In business, the top casualties of a poor decision-making process are reputation, long-term growth, employee morale, productivity, revenue and profitability. Our goal is to promote more effective, ethical decision making.

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Perspective Basics

Feb 20 2013

PerspectivePerspective is a mental shortcut we all have developed from our experience to simplify our understanding of a complex reality. Perspective allows us to use our experience to speed our decision-making process to a conclusion much faster than if we had to evaluate all the inputs from scratch. Consequently, the fact that we have a perspective limits our ability to solve problems because we fail to understand that others may have different experiences and see other perspectives. The more perspectives you can perceive, the more options you have to choose from and the better your chance of making the best decision in that particular situation.

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