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Decision-Making today builds on research showing that decisions fail half of the time. In business, the top casualties of a poor decision-making process are reputation, long-term growth, employee morale, productivity, revenue and profitability. Our goal is to promote more effective, ethical decision making.

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Data for Better Decision-Making

Apr 23 2015

Data for better decision-making can provide a huge step in improving our lives. The following video shows how Doctors (huge egos) have come to accept data to improve their decision-making for patient care.

It is very hard for powerful people to accept the fact that maybe, just maybe their decision-making could be improved by looking at the data. This goes beyond the medical field into every aspect of our lives.

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Jun 24 2014

Back in 2006, I was working on adding humor to my Decision-Making presentation featuring perspective, a key aspect of decision-making. The development of an effective presentation is an ongoing process and should include testing of new material and replacing less effective material with more effective material.  The above video shows me testing some different approaches to my presentation at the Cleveland IMPROV. A video was created the night of my performance and after a quick viewing, it was relegated to my files.

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Review of “Tackling Complexity”

Apr 30 2014

Tackling Complexity“Tackling Complexity is a new book by Gilbert Probst and Andrea M. Bassi. It is published by Greenleaf Publishing and they provided the book for review. Initially, I was excited as I have read a number of books about decision-making and even wrote my own, “Taking Aim for Better Decision-Making”.

Sadly, I wasn’t very far into the book until I realized that there is a huge difference between how ivory tower academics approach decision-making and how every day practitioners approach decision-making.

Probst and Bassi suggest that, “our decisions often fail” but they fail to recognize the magnitude of the problem as reported by Paul C. Nutt in his book, “Why Decisions Fail”.  After 20 years of research, Nutt came to the conclusion that, “decisions fail half of the time”. This is a huge problem that deserves our attention and practical approaches that will improve outcomes.

Probst and Bassi give lip service to the idea that there is a difference between complicated systems and complex systems wherein there are often dynamics beyond our control. They then proceed to explain their systemic approach which is highly analytical and top end driven.

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8 Steps to Improve Decision-Making

Nov 12 2013
  1. When faced with a decision, think about your desired outcome rather than facing the decision as a problem to be solved. Problems are negative almost by definition and negative thoughts invoke the constricting “fight or flight” response in us rather than helping us to relax and be inspired and creative. Good decisions need a creative thought process.
  2. Don’t think you are a superman or wonder woman. Enlisting the aid of others has been proven to improve decision-making. First, multiple voices means more options to choose from. Second, involving others in the process facilitates parallel processing versus sequential processing by the lone decider. Multiple inputs also reduce potential unintended consequences. I am to suggesting that you delegate the decision, rather get as much help in the process as possible.. The decision is still yours.
  3. Consider the Golden Rule. Over the last few years, ethics has become a hot topic in our society. There are all kinds of initiatives being undertaken in our schools to address this issue, but the easiest and quickest solution is to teach decision makers to , “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”
  4. Sleep on it. There are few times in life when instant decisions are required. Most decisions can be considered before any action is taken. There are some who will take this as my approval to put off the decision indefinitely which is not what I would recommend. Rather, I would encourage  you to sleep on a decision before taking any action. This allows your subconscious a chance to participate in the process and possibly provide you with new insights.

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Options, Choices, and Results

Mar 21 2013

Decision-makingOptions, Choices, and Results is the sequence by which we all make decisions. The more options you have the greater the likelihood of making a good choice and achieving positive results. The following will help explain the importance of decision making. It is a quick listing of ways that decision-making and options, choices and results affect us every day.

Leadership is helping people decide to change.

Change comes when people decide to do things differently.

Motivation or Performance Management is helping people decide to be more productive.

Accountability comes from people deciding to take ownership.

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