Systems Change

Client Organization

A recognized international hand tool manufacturer was especially well recognized for one product, but suffered from a reputation of slow deliveries. Everyone appreciated the quality of the tools but distributors were reluctant to add more products to their offering because of the length of time from placing an order to receipt of goods.

ChangeClient Objective                                                                                                                                                      

The objective was to find a way to improve deliveries and successfully implement whatever changes were needed.

          Develop a vision for the future that incorporated customers equally as happy with the service as with the product.

          Build a team fully aware of the “why” of the project and empowered to deal with the “how” of the project.

          Collaborate with the other departments in the company to reach a concensus on how to achieve the vision.

          Successfully implement a solution to improve the level of service.

What was done?

Members of the Customer Service Group were involved in the process from the outset. Maybe more than any other group in the company, Customer Service understood the concerns and comments of the customers. They united as a group to build the vision, investigate the options, sell management on the changes and successfully implement the change.


The Customer Service Group came to the conclusion that a new MRP system that incorporated a new order entry system would greatly reduce the time from order entry to order shipment. Management agreed and the new system was ordered with the idea that all of the other departments would go live first and Order Entry would go live last. Since the Customer Service Group had been involved from the outset of the project, they were able to provide the needed input to the Data Processing Group while the other departments were still learning about the system. Customer Service went live first and lead time on orders dropped form weeks to just a couple of days. This opened the door with customers to add additional items to their regular purchases.