Product Life Cycle

Client Organization

A recognized U.S. Home Fashion company had just closed down their retail operations in favor of shifting to a licensing organization working with U. S. manufacturers and marketers of Home Decorating and Furnishing products.

Client Objective                                                                                                                            Product-Life-Cycle                                                                                                               

Train the corporate account executives and staff about the “Product Life Cycle” and how they might use this knowledge in working with licensees to increase sales and profitability for both the company and the licensees.

          Provide a basic understanding of Marketing and the Product Life Cycle.

          Help the participants recognize the various stages of the life cycle and the steps that can be undertaken to extend the life and revenue stream.

          Help participants recognize the hidden clues in their relationships.

What was done? A participative training program was undertaken that involved everyone in the company. Real life examples were analyzed and used by the participants in an experiential process.


“For the year 2003 we exceeded our budgeted profit by 30%. To be honest, I really do not know what the real answer is. I think it is a combination of a number of factors ie the performance of our licensees, the better than expected sales growth and of course the training we received from you on Product Life Cycle that enabled us to implement the PLC strategies or it could simply be our budget was set too low.” President of Client Company