Increase Revenue

Client Organization

A division of a large national media company designed, produced and installed signage for restaurants, hotels and oil companies across the countyr. The division had a great reputation for quality products and services, but had not been able to capitalize on that strength and increase revenue.

Client Objective

The objective was to increase sales without sacrificing the quality of product or service being offered to the market.

          Develop a business plan to  guide the company toward more rapid growth. Include a plan for expanding the existing facility to handle the growth.

          Create a compelling story that would justify corporate investment in the future growth.

          Develop the sales force to expand the sales of the product.

          Develop an incentive system that would jump start the sales effort.

What was done?

A compelling plan was created that focused on Return on Investment. Supporting advertising and video were created that would both serve to help in the sales effort with prospective customers as well as with selling the growth-plan to corporate. The Sales organization was reorganized and a sales contest was designed with an attractive incentive program.


At the time the project was initiated, sales were $14 million. The plan was created and the first phase of expansion was approved by corporate. The sales force was revitalized and in less than three years from inception of the project, the annual sales increased to over $21 million. The company was providing 60% of all of McDonald’s signage requirements, all of Pizza Hut and Hardees requirements as well as work for a number of hotel chains and major oil companies.