ECommerce Start-up

Client Organization                                                                                                                              ToolSource                                                                                                                    

As the Internet started to emerge, there were several individuals with a real interest in finding ways to create a commercially viable website around the hand tool industry. Early efforts revolved around creating a portal for hand tool manufacturers and a low cost way to have a web presence. As time went on more and more manufacturers started building more complex websites on their own.

Client Objective

The objective was to move the original website from a directory of manufacturers to an ecommerce site Develop a vision for the future. Work with the webmaster and an administrator to acquire products to sell on the web. Develop a hierarchy of products for easy searchability. Work with the owner to present the concept to potential Venture Capital Partners.

What was done?

A Business Plan was built and a team approach was utilized to build the database of products for sale. Product information had to be built by hand as most manufacturers did not have digital product information at that time. Since the site was a large variety of hand tools it became necessary to create a hierarchy for the products.


While the site has undergone a number of different transitions, it is one of the few early ecommerce sites to survive the Dot Bomb period and profitably survive to this day.