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Decision-Making today builds on research showing that decisions fail half of the time. In business, the top casualties of a poor decision-making process are reputation, long-term growth, employee morale, productivity, revenue and profitability. Our goal is to promote more effective, ethical decision making.

Decisions as Distractions

Distractions in Grove City, PA2013 may go down in history as the year that decisions became distractions. While I am sure that decisions have probably been used for distractions in the past. This year in particular has been unusual, in my estimation, with regard to the number and timing of decisions that are obvious in their  use as distractions from other problems. Some of the best examples that come to mind, come from our government.

The attack on Benghazi and the underlying causes are a problem, but there is no doubt now in any thinking person’s mind that the decision to blame the attack on an obscure film was a distraction.

When the IRS specifically targeted TEA Party organizations, even the President called it a scandal. His decision to go in front of the public and assure everyone that he would get to the bottom of this has proven to be distraction. We are many months down the road from the problem and nothing has really changed.

The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) online Exchange has proven to be a disaster. President Obama made the decision to tell us that it was just a few glitches. Next he told us that everything would be fixed by the end of November. These and other decisions are proving to be distractions from the real problem.

Decisions as distractions may not be a new problem, but it is one that seems to be growing and will have negative implications for us all going forward. Decisions as distractions are not beneficial in a society that depends on truthful exchanges of information.

When “half of all decisions fail”, wouldn’t it make sense to improve the process in your organization? Check out our Menu of Services for ways to improve performance and productivity in your organization.

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