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Decision-Making today builds on research showing that decisions fail half of the time. In business, the top casualties of a poor decision-making process are reputation, long-term growth, employee morale, productivity, revenue and profitability. Our goal is to promote more effective, ethical decision making.

More Choices = More Decisions

Ellen’s video is fun and entertaining, but it is also one of those haunting truths. Our lives are more complicated. Complications that force us to make more choices and more decisions.

It sounds like a problem, but in fact it is a blessing. The more choices we have means the more options available to us. Options means that we don’t have to settle for a one size fits all solution like many in the past had to do. We are blessed with options that allow us to find the best solution to our particular situation.

If you agree that people are like snowflakes and no two snowflakes are alike, then you will recognize that the closer we can come to individually customized solutions we can come, the greater the likelihood of achieving the optimum outcome.

We live in a world where knowledge is growing at an incredible pace. With that explosive growth comes specialization, complexity and change. Welcome this fact and embrace the advances that will make our lives better as we move into the future. We must stay on guard that these advances are used for good and we must also guard against people and organizations that want to force us back into a one size fits all solution.

Remember, more choices means more options which means solutions better suited to our particular situation.

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