About Bob

Bob Cannon spent over 30 years in a successful corporate career that took him from the production line to   the boardroom and from Athletic Equipment to My Pictures0001Zippers. Now he uses his education, experience and inherent skills to enhance performance and profitability for his clients.

He holds a Bachelor’s from Grove City College, a Masters in Business Administration from Gannon University. Bob has undertaken advanced studies at the Weatherhead School of Management at Case where he received a Certification in Igniting Positive Change in Business & Society.

He is a Distinguished Toastmaster and a former professional member of the National Speakers Association.

He is a former Certified Management Consultant (CMC). Fewer than 1% of all active professional management consultants in the United States have been recognized with the CMC.

  • Bob honed his business skills with companies like Textron, AMF, Gannett, Channellock, Meritool and ToolSource. He has amassed a portfolio of business successes with experience in production management, sales, market research, product management, sales management, marketing, E-Commerce, corporate strategy, enterprise management and the board of directors.

“Bob is a reservoir of wisdom and factual information about the hardware market. His strategic insights are tremendously valuable for anyone doing business in or thinking of entering the hardware market.”  Richard Byrne, Executive Director of the Hand Tools Institute.

“I hired Bob in 2007 as a business consultant. Since then he has helped guide me in the right direction and given me insight on things that would have taken me years to learn. Bob’s attention to detail and solid business background has been a great addition to our team! I recommend Bob highly.” Bill Dysert, President, Exscape Design

Strength Finders® reported the essence of his success results from a distinct way of thinking, a special perspective on the world at large.

“Bob is a quick study and quickly isolates the primary issues from the extraneous ones.”

Janice Scanlan, CMC

“In the fast paced, hectic world of business there is the calm of Bob Cannon. His depth of understanding in business is not only deep as it relates to creativity, marketing and business savvy over all, he also has the common sense and judgement that is so respected by those who value true wisdom.”  Kordell Norton, President, Synergy Solutions

“Bob has the gift of earned wisdom and has the ability to deliver the intended message with a refreshing quiet and calming confidence”. Joe Eddy, President, Eagle Manufacturing

Bob uses his education, experience and inherent skills to help clients. He educates (Get Smart), customizes solutions to meet client needs (Get Focused) and empowers people (Get Results). Bob’s success is the result of success achieved by the clients he serves.

“Robert’s business skills and knowledge has always proven beneficial. A firm believer in out of the box thinking and benefits associated with addressing issues with a clear yet logical method. I see great benefits in Robert’s ability conveying his knowledge and expertise in ways where others can use and benefit from.” Mark Schneider, President, Albion Engineering Company.

“Bob is highly dedicated. He’s a terrific thinker and is totally committed to quality.” Cheryll McPhilimy, Owner, McPhilimy Associates

For Fun, Bob enjoys History and sharing it through characters like Coal Oil Johnny.